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My Songs
Saturday, 19 April 2008




Excellent Keith Green Quote:



Posted by songweaver4him at 10:38 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 25 June 2008 10:26 PM EDT
Saturday, 8 March 2008



      ©  1998  Karen Lucas


E                   D                       A                   E   

I  love You,  Lord…there is none  I love more

E                 D                       A                     E

You are so good,  You are purer than refined gold;

E                       D                A                               E

I’ve known no love,  like Yours…faithful and true

E                          D                        A                                E

Your warmth enfolds me,  like a  wood stove in the winter.

           E                     D      A                       E       

         Your name is Holy,   deserving all praise

           E                      D                 A                                  E

         You’re the love   of my life,   I will cherish You  always;

           E                         D           A                                  E

         I drank of none sweeter….only You,  can satisfy

           E                  D       A                                        E

         I love You,  Jesus…...Lord, so grateful  am I.

E                 D         A                             E      (E )                             D    A                       E

I love you, Lord…Innocent Lamb of God; You poured Yourself out,  when I was empty

E                           D                 A                                         E

You reached out Your hands,    though wounded they be  

E                          D                      A                     E

To save me from  falling…   Lord,  You are my  Champion.

           E                       D       A                              E

         You are my Rescuer;    You yielded completely

          E                           D                    A                                     E

         And tasted death  in my place;    You set the captives free

           E                           D                   A                                                 E

         Tho blameless & pure in heart,   You relinquished Your own life

           E               D         A                                      E

         I love You,  Jesus….Lord, so grateful am I.

E                 D                     A                    E

I love you, Lord…Sweet Fragrance of God

E                              D                               A                    E

Though I wore disgrace,  You gave me   beauty for  ashes

E                           D           A                                    E

When I deserved   death…..You made me Your bride,

E                           D                          A              E

You wiped away tears, that were buried for  a lifetime.

          E                       D       A                                                     E

         My Savior, Messiah!     You stepped down from Your throne

           E                              D                    A                                     E

         And picked up this peasant child…..and called me Your own;

           E                                D             A                                      E

         I pledge to You, my servitude…..I pledge You all my life

E                 D      A                                    E   (E )             D      A                                  E

I love You King Jesus, so grateful am I;  I love You Jesus,  Lord so grateful am I

 E                   D      A                                       E    (E )              D                        A                    E

I love You King Jesus, so grateful am I;  I love You Lord…there is none, I love more.



Posted by songweaver4him at 5:28 AM EST
Updated: Sunday, 16 November 2008 9:52 PM EST
Saturday, 16 February 2008


"NO COMPROMISE"             

             © 1989 Karen Lucas

Beloved, we were married when you took My name,
I am Your Husband, you're My wife
The love we shared was like a fragrant flower
Blooming sweeter still as time went by.

There was nothing that could keep us two apart,
You promised all your love to Me
Every day began with My name on your lips,
Your face would shine for all to see,
Your face would shine, a light to see.

There was, No, compromise...No-o-o, compromise
Every day was like brand new as
You met Me in My Word and prayed
I remained above all others
You placed My will, before your own
You placed My will, before your own.

Beloved, I was chosen from the start of time,
I would be the Doorway for the lambs
You were loved and cherished more than life itself,
I expose, My feet and hands.

I took your sins and placed them all on Me
They pushed the thorns into my brow
I then became the final sacrifice
Endured the cross that final hour,
Endured the cross that final hour.

There was, No, compromise...No-o-o, compromise
At any time I could have said the word and
Heaven's shield would be My own,
But My love was by example
I placed your life above My own
I placed your life above My own.

Beloved, there is something that has come between us,
Can't you see that sin remains a wall?
The end result is always separation,
The journey back is hard and long.
Because of sin, I suffered agony,

There's not a one that is too small
You choose to crucify your Lord again
You drive a nail each time you fall
You drive a nail, when you choose, to fall

There must be, No, compromise...No-o-o compromise
Make no mistake; you're to be holy
A living sacrifice-without a spot, unblemished
I am your Husband, you're My wife...Cleave to me,
I am your Husband, you're My wife.

(From: Eph 5:25-27, Heb 6:5&6, Rev 21:2, Is 54:5, Is 59:2, Rom 12:1)


Posted by songweaver4him at 8:47 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 25 June 2008 10:34 PM EDT



   © 1998  Karen Lucas


 (Eph  6:13-17)



I will stand in the shadow of Your wings

               F                                        C       

When the storms all around me  close  in;


I will stand with Your armor, You so graciously supply

         F                      C

In Your strength…I will stand.

           F                                       C

    I will stand in the power of Your name

            F                                            Am

    I will stand though the earth be removed;

                   F                                        Am                     F 

    If the world swears You’re a lie…I’ll  remember how You  died

         F                 G                 C

    You hung upon a cross…so I could stand.

       C                                                       F                                  C

I will stand when I cannot understand, if I no longer feel the touch of Your hand


Even if I stand alone, having lost all I love most dear

           F                     C

In Your strength…I will stand.

          F                                       C

    I will stand on the promise of Your Word

           F                                               Am

    I will stand because You’re Faithful and  Sure

               F                                                    Am                  F

    When my legs lack strength to stand;  You’ll uphold me in your hand

       F                   G             C

    Having done all that I can…I will stand.

       C                                                     F                             C

I will stand at the threshold of death; Even in the evil day of Godlessness


I will lift my eyes toward Heaven, certain You’ll receive my soul

        F                   C

In Your strength…I will stand.

          F                                             C

    I will stand when the saints praise Your name,

             F                                              Am

    Crying,  “Worthy is the Lamb,  Who was  slain!”

                     F                                                   Am                   F

    But when I’m there before Your throne, on my knees  I will bow  low,

        (F)               G               Am      (Am…….G)

    For only in Your strength,  did I stand,

       F            G                        C

    For only in Your strength…Lord, I stand.





Posted by songweaver4him at 2:52 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 5 June 2008 2:51 AM EDT


© 1989 Karen Lucas



(Is 66:13)


As one whom his mama comforts, so will I comfort you

You’re just my little baby, so lean on Me…in My everlasting arms.

              Lean on Me, you are My child

Child, didn’t I say that I’d never leave you?

              Please…rest in Me—You forget so easily,

Didn’t I say that love is kind…but suffers long?


I know you’re tired and lonely,

But you know, I understand and My heart pours out like water

Just allow My touch to bind your wounds,

Because I’ve come to heal, the broken-hearted.

Come to Me, I give you peace

Let not your heart be troubled, nor be afraid

Come to Me…renew your strength

I am the Rock and Morning Star, so gently strong.


I am your Tender Father…

Tender, like you’ve never known tender before

And I’ve gathered all your tears, like treasure, in a bottle,

And when you’re finally Home, we will place them at the throne.

Rest in Me, My Shelter sweet;

Didn’t I bear it all for you, on the tree?

              My child, My child…Just look to Me;

              Didn’t I give the truth to you, to set you free?


What more can I do to show you?

What more proof do you need?

How much more could I possibly love you?

So won’t you please…give it all up to Me?


As one, whom his Mama comforts,

So do I, long to comfort you

You’re just My little baby;

So lean on Me…in My everlasting arms.


Posted by songweaver4him at 2:50 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 25 June 2008 10:28 PM EDT
Friday, 15 February 2008


                   © 1989 Karen Lucas

Make me your vessel, Lord—I empty myself,
Washed clean by the light of Your Word.
Bind up the broken shards, with Your nail-pierced hands,
You’re the Potter, Creator, and Wine.

Remold me if needed, I belong to You Lord,
Make me pliable, quick to give way.
If I ever resist, help me not to forget:
You’re the Potter and I am the clay.

Make me Your vessel, Lord, fill till I’m full,
And pour me if needed I pray.
If I can be used in Your most humble way,
I’m willing, choose me, if You may.

Break me if needed, I belong to You, Lord,
‘Cause I know You know best, and will stay,
Close beside me to hide me—till I’m whole again.
You’re the Potter and I am the clay.

Make me Your vessel, Lord, tried by the fire
‘Til what’s left of my will becomes dross.
If ever I think I am more than I am
Place me at the foot of the cross.

Make me Your vessel, I belong to You, Lord
Glaze me colors to brighten the gray
Here is my heart, I entrust in Your hands
You’re the Potter and I am the clay.



Posted by songweaver4him at 10:11 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 22 June 2008 6:48 PM EDT

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